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Why The Oil Shoppe?

Why The Oil Shoppe?

  •      Providing 100% pure essential oils only from carefully identified plants.
  •      Every essential oil subjected to strict quality assurance tests.
  •      Refusing to accept diluted, cut, adulterated or commercial grade oils.
  •      Offering over 100 essential oils from distinct herbs and botanicals.
  •      Ensuring quality through strict purity sourcing, testing and potency grading.
  •      Combining expertise with passion to create Ahhh! The Essential Muscle Rub™.
  •      Searching the amazing natural creation of earth for the keys of abundant life, health & vital energy.
  •      Analizing and proving the phytochemical profile of each essential oil to assure effectiveness.
  •      First to introduce The Essential Muscle Rub, Ahhh!™ to the world.
  •      Education to promote an awareness of healing and discovery.
  •      Promoting nature’s incredible living energy, essential oils.
  •      Strictly monitoring the purity and grade of each essential oil.
  •      Offering only essential oils free of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.
  •      Our chemists reject all materials that don’t meet The Oil Shoppe therapeutic grade.
  •      Sourcing top therapeutic grade oils grown in ideal soil and by natural methods.
  •      Long Life essential oil blend contains clove essential oil – nature’s strongest antioxidant.
  •      Offering all-natural beauty products and cleaners enhanced with essential oils.
  •      Helping people live better, healthier, more productive lives.
  •      Strictly monitoring the blending of each batch of essential oil blends.
  •      Over 75 essential oil blends for targeted mind and body support.
  •      Shipping essential oils to many different countries.
  •      Only using “therapeutic-grade” essential oils.
  •      Proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness and other charitable causes worldwide.
  •      Ensuring every product meets strict purity standards.
  •      Ensuring every customer is happy with their purchase.
  •      Selecting only essential oils with the most active array of therapeutic compounds.
  •      Using only quality essential oils and other products that we use in our own families.
  •      Fast shipping of orders with excellent rates.

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